Winterizing your car

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 6:44pm

We’ve gotten our first taste of cold weather, and more is on its way.
So what do you need to do to get your car ready for the bitter cold.
Well, to tell the truth, we’re not going to get anything like that, but you should be aware of your car’s condition.
And for the checklist, we went to David Briscoe who teachers future auto technicians at Tyler Junior College.
“Need to make sure your tires are good, wiper blades are good, coolant level is correct and make sure that the coolant is the right consistency for the temperatures we’ll be reaching,” David says. “Since we don’t get down to extremely cold temperatures down here, generally a 50/50 mix works just fine. And this is a hydrometer for measuring the amount of coolant in the system. Drop the tester in there. Pull coolant out of the overflow bottle. Bring it up and then you see how many of the bubbles float. All of them are floating and if all 4 float, this is good to a negative 40 degrees. I don’t think we’re going to get that cold.”
“The other thing you need to do,” he says, “is go ahead and check your other fluids, your power steering fluid. Check your oil. But here’s something you probably won’t do except twice a year, usually at state inspection. Pick your windshield wiper blades up, take your hand and run it across the blade. If you feel any nicks or dips in them, they need to be replaced.”
“Be sure to check your tire pressure,” David added. “And if you go to the door, the tire pressures are written on the door. Take your tire pressure gauge and read it. And this one is in dire need of a
And remember, that coolant may say lifetime, but it’s not. Flush it all out and start fresh roughly every
3 - 5years.

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