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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

With winter weather on its way, make sure your car is ready

Sunday, November 24, 2013 - 6:04pm

Thanks to the drop in gas prices, three percent more people will be hitting the road the day before Thanksgiving than last year, reported INRIX, a traffic-congestion tracking firm in Kirkland, Wash.

And with the recent temperature drop here in East Texas, professionals say you need to be extra cautious.

"The temperatures are dropping and that could result in a wintry mix," said Meteorologist Marcus Bagwell.

"When we start to see weather like this our main focus is the safety of the public," said Larry Krantz, Texas Department of Transportation Public Information Officer. "Successful travel for the holidays starts with a plan before you leave."

"One of the first steps we recommend is to bring it in for an evaluation," said Chris Barajas, Manager of Pep Boys Automotive.

When most people think of car safety they think of things on the inside of the car, like putting your phone away, checking your mirrors, and putting your seatbelt on; but it is actually checking things on the outside of the car that is the most important during the winter time.

"Wiper blades, break pads, tires, of course check anti freeze, coolant, wiper fluid levels, headlights," Barajas said.

"Make sure your car is maintained, make sure the oil's changed, fluids are topped off, tires have been rotated and they've got plenty of tread on them," Krantz said. "These are all little things that can turn into big things on the road if they're not taken care of now."

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