Younger generation showing little interest in the game of golf


POSTED: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 5:49pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 9:15am

There is talk among golf professionals, the younger generation isn't interested in the game anymore. But, they vow not to let their sport die.

According to some reports, the younger generation is just finding this sport boring. They said the game takes too long, it's expensive, and it's too hard. so, the professionals are coming together and changing it up to make the classic game a little more exciting.

19-year-old golfer Charlie Cameron got a scholarship to play golf at Tyler Junior College.

Cameron said his friends back home in Australia say golf is an "old man's sport" and it's not really cool.

"It takes like four or five hours out of the day, so that's the main thing I think just the time and the perception of it being an old man sport."

Cameron said his friends think the game isn't fast pace enough for this generation.

"They're all into the tough manly sports like football and what not so ya golf is seen as boring and an old man's sport and dorky."

He believes because his parents got him into it at a young age is the reason why he loves it.

"It's hard to start up kids when they're like 15 or 16. I think it's good to start them at a young age so they get into it early."

"Junior golf participation is declining throughout the industry. We know a lot of different things are causing this, pace of play, toughness of the game, needing a facility, price, there is a lot of things that go into this," said head golf professional at Hollytree Country Club Nolen Howard.

Howard said PGA reports an almost 25% decline in junior golf.

"There are a lot of different initiatives out there that they're trying to combat this."

They're advocating shorter tees, 15 inch cups and other avenues to keep the game exciting for kids.

"They're trying to make it not such a difficult game that they ruin they're confidence and turn them away from golf from the very start,'' said director of instruction at Hollytree Country Club John Sikes.

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Another attempt to justify a lost cause by: 1) dumbing down the sport like they did academics, 2) making excuses "toughness of the game". I played golf as a youngster & continue to play occasionally. I was a caddie carrying 2 competition size bags all week & played for free on caddy's day.
The TRUTH: kids are fat, lazy & rather play video games. The Middle Class is decimated by stagnant wages & increasing divide between rich & poor. Greedy corp execs want more $Millions, yachts, jewels, & power.

Well, to tell you the truth, while I had golf in collage it never ever excited me.

Martial arts did, but not golf. Baseball did, but not golf.

It was just not my thing.

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