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"Your Turn" 11.13.09

POSTED: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 - 5:27pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 11:00am

Time for "Your Turn," the segment where we air the comments you say, about the stories we do.

The topic in this edition, beer on tap at Six Flags.

A state judge recommends alcohol sales at both Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor.

A park spokeswoman says many have requested the move. Others, including those commenting on our site, are against it.

"I believe the parks are for fun, not to drink. Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor are for families, and friends," Mary says.

"With having alcohol, I think it would be dangerous. Minors will want to drink and get on rides or go swimming."

From "J":

"Long lines of people waiting for rides and alcohol. Now what could be wrong with this idea???"

Chris brings out the obvious:

"That's all we need, a bunch of drunk people getting sick on the rides."

The views expressed on "Your Turn" aren't always those of the KETK newsroom or management.

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