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Anti-gravity machine helps train U.S. Olympians

Anti-gravity machine helps train U.S. Olympians
Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 3:11pm

A Silicon Valley Company is helping athletes train for the Olympic games with technology that fights gravity.

Steve Basta, CEO of Alter-G, created an anti-gravity treadmill.

“We use air pressure to alter their perception of body weight while they’re walking or running “

The result is training without the pressure or impact of a normal run.

Olympic hopeful Michael Coe tested out the machine.

“You don’t have the impact and you recover quicker. At my level, you need that quick recovery.”

Regardless of your speed, Alter-G will make it easier on your body allowing for a full workout with half the recovery time.

$32,000 will purchase one of these new revolutionary machines. Training rooms and therapy centers are expected to be among the first to purchase these machines.

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