Re: A Fatal Mauling of a Little Boy in Leverett's Chapel Prompts the Question of Banning Pit Bulls

There have been numerous attacks by Pit Bulls. Were I moved from one Pit Bull jumped the fence and attacked a neighbors dog. In New Mexico it is against the law in several cities to have these dogs with in the city, or county,limits.

There should be a stiffer penalty, and perhaps banning is one thing that needs to be done. I have two breeds of dogs, Mini Chow and Malamute. They are in a high fence enclosure for their safety. people do not understand that an unfamiliar face, or smell, will set these and ANY dogs alarm off and they go into protect mode.

Pit Bulls are the exception to the rule and once they are Blooded they can and will attack anything. I think that in California a Pit Bull broke through a neighbors window and attacked the neighbors wife, she and her baby escaped. The woman had stitches but it could have been worse.