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Friday, March 6, 2015 - 3:15pm

Re: Backdoor taxes to hit middle class

yeh yeh - it is all the democrates problem - may be it is the change in the structure of congress now with more republicans in place and nothing can be done.

they need to replace all politicians with folks who have other jobs and go home and work those jobs when congress is not in session and they should work for free or minimal salaries ( just like the old days of jefferson and so on) then maybe they would be more down to earth and understand the lay hard working back bone of American society and economy-ie middle class.

get real - the middle class knows nothing is free ( not like the lower economic class who has given up or has failed to or stopped striving to " row their own boat" or who came here thinking america was free bees) and the middle class knows that to "make it" doesn't mean hurting others, cheating, leaving your neighbor hungry or all about the dollar ( unlike alote of the upper class or capitalistic companies who have forgotten not to step on others on your way up or cheat or sell out to other countries our jobs... some need to go serve the homeless be required to offer free services of legal and medical or computer knowledge or sleep for a week in anothers shoes so they don't forget where they came from and where their brother or sisters are at in life...)


it is all about the story - i was amazed to see the above story pulled - right or wrong - i feel it should not have been pulled and am disappointed in why and who did that. the story had good info in it - another story could have been written to counter it instead of pulling the first one. what are we coming to when information is censured and free speach is violated and the news persons don't "give it to us - unbiased and unaltered" even if it might be through their narrow eyes of one reporter or editor or paper ( if that occurs).