Re: Brook Hill Thrill

Cayuga, Sulphur Springs, Carthage, Pittsburg and Daingerfield are still in the playoffs but they not in our TV market.

Cayuga and Sulphur Springs are in the Dallas TV market.

Carthage, Pittsburg and Daingerfield are in the Shreveport TV market.

The Tyler TV market covers Tyler, Longview, Gilmer and Bullard. That is why we listed their playoff games.

People in Carthage and Sulphur Springs can see KETK on cable but we get no ratings there because they are out of market cities.

I hope this helps explain why we cover some teams and not others.

By the way, good luck to all area teams, in market and out!

-Danny Elzner
Sports Director
KETK-TV Tyler and KFXK-TV Longview