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Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 7:30pm

Re: Can Children be Too Young to Have A Cell Phone?

It's a 2 sided thing.. My husband is a teacher/coach and our kids go to school with him. They can have their phones at school ,BUT are not allowed to use them and will be charged $15.00 if they do. Yes i think that is a good thing, but if my kids are not with me, sports riding around or they need to call to come and get them they can use there phone. Yes it is a 2 sided way. What did I dowhen I was there age? But we are in the here and now and i able to give them that they will have it. And for people who dont let there kids have them thats their way, it not the kids fault for having phones or their parents, (thats life we don't have what this person has but i am not going to say it not right and they should not do that...