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Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 8:26pm

Re: Convicted Murderer Back in Custody in Athens

Becky, do you have antenna, cable, or dish? I would guess by the tone of your comments that you have a dish system. The dish services (where local stations are available, per FCC regulations) make local stations available to customers depending on what TV market you live in. The FCC considers Henderson county to be part of the DFW TV market, even though you are closer to Tyler/Jacksonville/etc than Dallas. Therefore Henderson county dish customers get the DFW local channels package instead of the ones for the Tyler area. If you lived in Smith or Cherokee counties (the closest ones to you), the dish services would provide you with the Tyler area channels. If you have cable, the Athens system should have 56 on it because of 'must carry' provisions. That means a station in proximity to a cable system can approach that system to carry its programming and that cable system must make room for it. If you aren't within the city of Athens, it's likely your system won't serve customers in a rural area or outside the city limits. Otherwise, if you don't already have an antenna, consider one. You won't be able to settle for rabbit ears either. A height of 25 to 50 feet may be necessary depending on your setting; digital signals are very dependent on line-of-sight for reception. You will need a rotor so the antenna can swivel between the directions of Tyler (for 7) and Jacksonville (for 56 and 19). Comment back if you can...good luck!