Re: First Monday Vendors not Worried by Swine Flu

Let's start with the definition of "IMMINENT"...It means: About to occur; Impending Danger. I had seen the Trades Day woman with her can of Lysol..Is she STUPID, who is she protecting, and against what? The H1N1 Virus Strain is not killed by Lysol. If it was, that would be an easy solution, and the virus would not be spreading.

The CDC is taking 7-10 days, up to 1-month, in order to process swabs for the H1N1 virus. While we Americans simply ignore the "level-5 alert" that this virus is IMMINENT, East Texas seem to take the stand and choose to spread this virus instead of heading the warnings and taking extreme precautions.

Also, another thing...This virus can stay dormant for up to 10 days in someone before they actually show symptoms, meanwhile they spread this virus all over to others.

The fact the Trades day'rs are not worried, and goes on, business as usual, simply shows how ignorant they really are.