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Re: Largest marijuana bust in Marshall history

Does anyone even read this stuff anymore. This is news? I mean, right off the bat, every time they find a suitcase of dope in Carthage its valued at 250k -to 1 million usd. How could you purchase it for those values they advertise in the newspaper there, fill up a uhaul with 1200 pounds of however many you divide 1200 pounds of pot that you're reporting was found, then divide that number by how much pot they must be finding in a single suitcase of a dried plant and that yeilds a number of 250k suitcases that would have to leave carthage and arrive at marshall where it all adds up to about: #1, the FIRST time in my LIFE that a news report or anything that has to do with drugs from anyone wheter its from the pharmacist, scientist, doctor, or the police, up to including the drug users and pushers that couldn't tell you what a pound is because they measure them in KILOGRAMS.

Is that what was supposed to be here? theres 2.2 pounds in a kilogram so that would make a valuation of 150k only about 50 times off, not 100. May I suggest, even for a third grader to put together, divide 125,000 by 1200 pounds for the fun of it and tell me where I can find pot for 100 dollars a pound in Marshall TX?

Here's how this story makes sense. Its reported he was charged with 2nd degree felony and with the value of the pot that is the only thing that starts to make sense. Why its 100/pound on today's special one time price makes me wonder who was driving the car.

Wait, I just got it! It was actually someone important and you were waiting for someone to catch it so you could deliver it to his attorney and get him off for documenting a drug bust in pounds for the first time in history. You have to use kilos, because pounds is weight and it changes with altitude. You could take the entire trailer into outer space for instance and you wouldn't technically have any pounds of drugs left. it wouldn't weigh a thing. Maybe thats a good solution to people trafficking drugs is challenge them to do it in outer space where they can't get prosecuted and we might learn something.