Re: Man charged with injury to a child

It's really hard to find out how the baby is doing? Anyone hear? As for the Mother, she was working~maybe people don't agree with her line of work but some mothers will do what needs to be done to support their children. So you can't fault her if she had her grandmother or sitter watch the baby. It's not fair to down her when she took the right steps for someone to care for her child.

Maybe it is what it is? The boyfriend came in drunk, kid crying wants up with all the noise and pisses him off. Tries a little too hard to put the kid to bed. Not realizing he's quite a bit stronger in the handling and hurt the baby. I'm sure people drinking (or drug) don't have the passion and ability 2 take care of a baby. The Boy friend should of gone someplace else...the next thing you know they'll be claiming sexual assault.