Re: Man Claims Frankston Police Violated his Rights

Having been a law enforcement officer myself in the past, all I can say is...what were they thinking!!! What reason did they even have by looking into the vehicle on a private parking lot? If they want to do their job, then log the make, style, and color of the vehicle with the date, time and location of where it's parked along with the vehicle ID number (VIN). The report said there wasn't a license plate on the truck. Were both plates missing or one. If one was missing, then the police can verify the license plate with the VIN and then go on about their business. If something bad happens later on, then they have some information to follow up to see if the truck owner was involved in anything.

If the vehicle was on a private parking lot, it should not have ever been towed unless the parking lot owner wanted it towed, or if the police can verify that it is stolen or been used in the commission of a crime. It seems to me that the police should reimburse the vehicle owner for having his truck towed.

I hate to be against the law because they have such a bad rap from the public all the time. But when they do something stupid and bring it on themselves, they deserve what they get. Right is right and wrong is wrong and they clearly were wrong on this case unless they can prove otherwise. For now I side with Mr. Weigand and his law suit. I wish him luck.