Re: Man Claims Frankston Police Violated his Rights


No sir, you can't say anything on here you want and make it the truth.

I am in law enforcement,and for your educational information law enforcement can't tow from private parking lots or any private property for that matter. The owner of the business or property must have the vehicle towed at the vehicle owner's cost.

Also, the parking lot in front of the bank is used as sort of a park and ride area for folks traveling to work in Tyler. It's not odd to drive by and see a few cars parked there during the evening.

I have personnel information the Bowtech rep. did in fact have dinner with a bank officer from the bank and had permission to park there. The public doesn't need a statement for that at this point. That information can be covered at trial, if it goes that far.

If you have the truck towed from private property as a peace officer you are wrong, if you tow as owner your ok. The story is here, the bank didn't call the wrecker, FPD did. That's why its such a big deal. This was an illeagl search and seizure of property violating this man's Contitutional Rights.

Yes, we do care this man had his property burglarized by the police. My mother, and I'm sure many other viwer's mother's, travel through Frankston on a daily basis. Are they going to stop my mother and tow her car because she carries a gun, or purchased a bow for my Christmas present? It's just a simple fact of knowing your job and the law peace officers are expected to know.