Re: Man Claims Frankston Police Violated his Rights

Violating your civil rights? They had your truck towed. Go ahead and sue the City of Frankston. You'll spend more money in legal fees than you did getting your truck out of impound.

As for you Mr. Santiago, you need to get your facts straight. Frankston police are not "highly untrained." They are experienced officers with more than adequate training and education. TCLEOSE says so that is why they are licensed peace officers in the State of Texas. The officers that night made a bad judgment call. We've all made at least one in our respective careers. Of course Chief Folmar is going to defend his officers. Any boss worth his salt will back up his employees 100%.

Regardless of the fact that the weapons in the truck are legal, they are still weapons! Yes it is legal to carry these weapons in your vehicle or while walking down the street. Any officer is still going to stop you to find out why you are carrying a potentially lethal weapon. You guys are saying they don't work accidents, like that's a big deal. Smith County S.O., as big as they are, don't work accidents. Smith County calls DPS.

GLS, your baby story doesn't add up. If the baby had a seizure, stopped breathing, and then the parents call 911, presumably wait for the ambulance, panick, "run" to the police department, and then wait for an ambulance again (this whole time the baby is still not receiving any oxygen) the chances of him/her being revived, short of a miracle, are zero. As for your son, if you were so concerned with your son's safety you would have tried harder to get a police officer to take a report and investigate. You would have done whatever if took to keep your son safe, including handling the matter yourself, but you didn't you let it go. You have no credibility so please stop applauding.

Mr. Wiegand, you had alcohol in your company truck. You should treat that truck like it is your office not your personal vehicle. In the future if you do not want anyone towing your truck, may I suggest you park it in your driveway. Or if you want to get really crazy, park it in a friend's driveway. Not in a bank parking lot, especially with weapons and alcohol in plain view.

You act like your civil rights have been horribly violated. There are people everyday who suffer greatly at the hands of overzealous officers. By you making a big deal out of this minor situation, you are minimizing their plight. Your 15 minutes are up. Why don't you chalk this up as a learning experience, and the officers involved will learn from this as well and everyone can move on with their lives. There are actual crimes in Frankston that need to be investigated. You are wasting the time of an already overworked, understaffed police department.