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Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 1:11am

Re: Miley Cyrus denies sick girl wish

here me out miley cyrus is a role model the fact is she is growing up and U dont like it so u will rader call her a slut and etc.... miley is almost 17 she has here own life to live she try to make everything perfect 4 u guys and she not having any fun herself how do u kno its her fult that little girl couldnt see the show its proubly her managers who make her own dessions what to were or what to do she proubly wonted to do it. how will u feel every day getting replies saying miley if i dont meet u at the next consert i will kill myself or something like that . look up miley cyrus consert of hope 1 week ago and see how generous she is. yall really need to give here the love she desereves what she do to u ? please leave her alone there is more loving than haten i kno yall kno what it feels to be disliked but miley has over billions of that because shes famous. and those pics was PRIVATE SHE A TEENAGER AND HAVE HORMONES TOO