Re: ONCOR Smart Meters: Texas puts them to the test

THESE TESTS BY ONCOR ARE COMPLETELY BOGUS! The problem I see with them is that Oncor is not comparing apples to apples. They are comparing their new smart meters with new standard meters, not the actual meters these customers used to
have on their homes. Those have already been scrapped. Who is to say that the calibration of these new standard meters has not been adjusted to match the new smart meters? Then the two would match within the tolerance of the devices themselves, just like they claim. This is absolutely outrageous! How does the media miss this little detail and just accept what Oncor tells them at face value?

Also, I wonder if it is possible to adjust the calibration of these meters remotely? If they are on some kind of network and they use calibration software it could easily be manipulated.

I’d like to see some truly independent verification of the accuracy of these meters, similar to what is required of retail gasoline pumps by the Texas Department of Weights and Measures, whose purpose is “to protect consumers and businesses by ensuring that equity prevails in all commercial transactions involving determinations of quantity”.

Please, please, KETK stay on top of this story. This could very well be the biggest fleecing of Texas citizens by any company in history!