Friday, January 30, 2015 - 10:22am

Re: Point of View: New political star

Well Don here we are again, alot of what you said sounds like you think we are in for great things coming, well hold on to your shorts becouse you maybe right but I don't think it's what you think it is.
First things in the past other Country's feared us, remember Japan, they were the only country to attack us on our shores, do you remember what happened? they addmite they made a mistake by doing that. We were stronge and all American's stood behind our country for what we all believe in. When we were in Vietnam, since the Government ran that war, we lost. That was the first time we had to admit failure This was hard to take and the whole country was disrupted. It was not us people who failed but our government who failed us. The people did not like the fighting men and women who were coming home from that war. The people did not want to remember that war or the people who were in it, this was wrong!!!! Yes we have to remember the past and learn from it, as far as a new country what is this??? We are the greatest country and its time we stand up and show that but first we need a great government, one that will tale care of our country and its people. Stop letting the big company's and the rich control us as they are doing now, this is unfair to the little people and small business's who are just trying to live the American dream! as for me I have lost the hope of that dream, I to Johnny am unemployed, I have been since Nov 08, in the past if I ever went a week with out having a job I was not trying, I can't find a Job that pay's what i need for me to pay may bills each moth. Cost of living has gotten out of control, so that it makes it harder for low income people it make it each month, Why??? we should not have these problems here but we do and what dose our government do takes care of other country's telling us we have to keep good relation with them? Yea so we give them all kinds of money, that will buy anyone's good relationship with us. What happen to just having Respect, Yes I Said RESPECT!!! like we use to have with them, well its because our government has learned to buy there way our of things instead of demanding them. Unlike the guy who die in that plan crash trying to tell our government how mad he was I am using what is mightier, First I pray, GOD is mightier then anything, then I use my words, someone will read this one day and things may change and may not but getting my frusterations out here is better then nothing. besides what did that guy prove, Nothing is what I see, our government don't care that he died. but the words are written and will last as long as some will let them. Since I have been on unemployment I make to much for food stamps, so I struggle each month, now the government wants to punish me more by making me pay tax's on my unemployment, which if I had them taken out from the start I would not owe them now but would not have the money to pay bill's. I to had to cut out a lot of things as well cut back on food, driving, and the simple things that the rest enjoy in life, why are those of us so different then the rest? we did not ask to be layed off and then punished for it. I really feel this is unfair to us!!!! Help others is all I ever hear but where is the help, if you don't meet there guide lines you don't get the help!!! Whats wrong with this picture? WE UNEMPLOYED DUE TO THE ECONOMEY!!!! Not because we want to be.....SO were is OUR HELP!!!