Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - 11:02am

Re: President's birth certificate: right-wing propaganda?

IF obama is an natural born American citizen then why has he
spent almost 1 millon dollars in
attorney fees to keep the birth
certificate hidden. What is he hiding ? Also how could he have traveled to Pakistan in the early
1980's when at the time American citizens were not allowed to travel there. There have also been
questions about his signing up for
Selective Services. They are found 2 documents pertaining to this and
it was found that the signatures do not match. The man is hiding something. McCain was asking to prove his citizenship and he did.
McCain gave his birth certificate as well as his military records, medical records, etc... Obama gave
a certificate of live birth. There is a difference. He has never shown are birth certificate. As citizens were are required to show
our birth certificate for a number of reasons.Even little league baseball players have to show a birth certificate in order to play ball. WHy can't Obama to that.
Again he is hiding something..
maybe he's a undocumented worker.