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Re: President's birth certificate: right-wing propaganda?

The question is not so much as where he was born as the definition of "NATURAL BORN." John McCain was not born in America; he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. He was declared Natural Born because BOTH - I REPEAT BOTH - his parents were American citizens.

Barack Obama's father was NOT an American citizen. Therefore, Obama CANNOT be a NATURAL BORN American citizen. The Constitution specifies NATURAL BORN to preclude "divided loyalties." That is exactly the problem with Obama: his father was Kenyan and a British citizen.

Remember: It is the definition of "NATURAL BORN." Obama cannot be NATURAL BORN.

It isn't whether Obama is a citizen, it is WHAT KIND OF CITIZEN.

It doesn't matter what his mother's citizenship was. Besides, she was not old enough at his birth to confer citizenship. He was also an Indonesian citizen, having been adopted my Lolo Sotero, his step-father. Someone tell me, please, when Obama became an American citizen.

And, by the way, until his long-form, official, vault copy birth certificate is released, NO ONE WILL KNOW WHO THIS MAN REALLY IS.