Re: Student witnesses fight, teacher collapse

I have a brother who attends John Tyler, and i do believe that there is way more to the story than what the super intendant and staff are saying. what has happened to day is awful, but I do recall everyday pretty much my brother would come home telling me how there was a fight at school. Fights that are gang related at this school have just become a part of attending school for John Tyler students is what it seems like. I'm not trying to say Chapel Hill is the best school or say that I am any better for attending school there, but at Chapel Hill throughout the 4 years I was there, I can remember maybe 3 fights. The staff at John Tyler must be doing something wrong. Yes we know John Tyler is way bigger but that doesn't justify all the problems they have. All the privilages need to be taken away from these kids until they can behave in a good manner. This also affects your good students, but eventually the students will start to speak up on their own about behavior, and not being able to have all the fun things that should be a part of high school.
Also if gangs are such a big issue and concern, I would look into uniforms for this school. Yes students will say "im not going to school if we have to wear uniform". Ok, so be it! Dont go to school. But you know what it will eventually come back to kick them in the rear end! Dont you have to be enrolled and with a good attendance record to have and keep your license? If they don't go to school, they don't have a license, or t gets suspended! then you got the truency tickets, let them deal with the consequences! They will soon realize that coming to school and getting there act together is far more worth it than goofing off and thinking fights and getting in trouble at school should be a daily activity for them. True parents may be upset about having to pay a fine, but you know what maybe this will get parents a little more involved with the way their child carries himself/herself. The discipline for John Tyler students would start from home, and parents will be forced to stay involved with their childs behavior!!! Students will always be more afraid of their parents than they will be a principal or a teacher.