Re: Who is Responsible for A Prescription Drug Overdose? The Victim or the Physician who Prescribes Them?

Of course Michael Jackson's doctor knew he had a drug problem and since he was suppose to start his tour soon, I hope the medication diprovan was being used because it can be given when trying to get someone off large amounts of narcotics. A person who has been taking heavy amounts of these drugs for a long time cannot be taken off of them cold turkey. They have to be slowly taken off of them because the withdrawal will kill a person. I believe that the patient is the one that is responsible for his own actions. The doctor does not force anyone to take the drugs. Unless he is over prescribing medications for financial gain. No wonder so many doctors do not want to give pain medications. They might be blamed for a patient who is abusing the medications. People need to stop blaming someone else for what they do.