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Gone fishin'

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 6:48pm

Spring is here, and the weather is a bit warmer than normal, but we need rain. We are inches behind normal for the year, and while that isn’t good for farmers, it’s excellent for anglers.
For starters, it’s spawning season, the fish are feeling romantic. And for them, shallow water is like a weekend in Paris…
Because we have had a fairly dry winter, and are behind on rain this year, water levels at all the area lakes are lower than normal.
And given that White Bass and other freshwater fish like shallow water for spawning, that’s OK with them.
“These fish are coming up shallow, so it’s a great time to be fishing,” says Smith County Game Warden Chris Green. “You know, these folks who buy our fishing licenses. That money goes back into our fisheries to stock our lakes in Texas, to make sure their plentiful for our fishermen to get out there.”
Some have described this situation as like fishing in a fishbowl. Not only are the fish gathering for spawning, but with shallower water, they are easier to see.
You aren’t just throwing a line into deep water and hoping for a bite.
And Texas Parks and Wildlife says, all area lakes are seeing excellent fishing right now.
We’ll hope for rain next weekend.
The interesting thing about this time of year, is that you may see some real differences in temperature in a given lake.
That means some fish are sluggish and some are real fighters.

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