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Small business celebration

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - 6:54pm

This recession is proving to be persistent with unemployment and economic growth stuck in neutral for months now.
But, with the latest population growth figures, and the local economy showing signs of growth, is this the time to launch a small business?
There are 27.2 million small businesses in America, and one from each state has been singled out by the Small Business Administration.
The Texas business is located in Tyler. And it looks like more may be on the way…
Mentoring Minds began as an idea…an idea for a visual aid to help teachers.
Michael Lujan was a school administrator and his wife Lisa was a banker. And their idea was a simple flip chart to help teachers.
Starting a small business is a very common dream. And right now, Tyler’s population and economy are growing. But it’s still scary.
Lisa knew firsthand the risks of starting a small business.
It means sacrifice, and the company’s digs may not be exactly palatial.
But dark clouds of recession nationally, seem to be a bit lighter in East Texas
But a group of retired executives who mentor small businesses, also know it’s the toughest thing you can do.
And in some ways, businesses like the one being celebrated today, may be the way many towns come back. Maybe the big kill…a factory of some sort is unrealistic.
But the Lujans know, it’s still dicey and the road ahead is a potential minefield.
But the rewards are incomparable.
The Lujans also had advice and help from the Tyler Junior College small business development center.
They help small companies develop plans, seek funding and basically stay alive.

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