Smart Meters: Dallas group wants answers

POSTED: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 5:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 12, 2011 - 10:26am

TYLER - East Texas utility customers say they are still seeing spikes in their electric bills after ONCOR installed new Smart Meters at their homes or businesses and they say they want answers.

Three Texas lawmakers have already asked the Texas Public Utility Commission to temporarily ban smart meters being installed while independent tests are being conducted.

However a spokesman with the PUC says they have no reason at this time to stop installing the meters until there is solid proof of miscalulations when all the results come back in June.

One Dallas based group says they don't want to wait that long.

Smart Utility Reform Citizens co-founders Tricia Lambert and Ree Wattner say with 500 members and counting, of customers with complaints, they say something has to be done immediately.

Lambert says "you ask to see a horse's teeth before you buy the horse, but what ONCOR is doing, is asking you to ride the horse... without seeing the teeth."

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Dear Concerned Group,

I live in Richarson Tx and I don't want the smartmeter. I haven't been available to have one installed yet and Oncor/AEP are harassing me to get it installed. what can I do to block instalaton? Please HELP! My email is Thank you....Mark R

Every month since Oncor installed a Smart meter at my daughter's home in Crossroads, Henderson county she has received bills double the amount she was charged before the Smart meter. She was forced to turn off her heater this winter because she could not afford the electricity. Even with the heat off, her bill is outrageous! She has called to complain, but was told the meter is working perfectly. Something is horribly wrong here.

Of course Oncor is confident in their "Smart" meters, since the monthly bills are always in their favor. Every customer's bill was in Oncor's favor. Imagine that.

These meters are an electric company's dream come true. Spin the dial a little faster and the customer cannot do a thing about it no matter how watchful they are of their usage.

Smart meters are wide open for fraudulent and unscrupulous practices by the electric company.

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