SPECIAL REPORT: The cost of living, going broke to stay alive

Meriam Eakin has been battling Lymphocytosis for the last 40 years, and will continue fighting the disease the rest of her life.  A form of blood cancer, the treatment for this diagnosis, can cost $100,000 every year. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Stewart Middle School closes, community at odds with district

 "A great school makes a great community,"  said Carl Johnson, a former student and substitute teacher at Stewart Middle School. "Stewart is a great school that makes for a great community."

Special Report: Chains of Redemption

Richard Gipson says, "I don't care what they've done. There is a human need for compassion and we are to deliver that compassion because we are representatives of Jesus Christ." They know how they got there.

Special Report: Hunting to help

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together, be thankful, and enjoy a good meal. However, for some it's just not that simple, which is why many hunters are lending a helping hand, year round.

SPECIAL REPORT: 75 and still kicking; The legacy of the Kilgore College Rangerettes

75 years ago an East Texas drill team changed the atmosphere and culture of Kilgore College football games forever.

Special Report: Finding balance -- a fight for success

East Texans love their sports. Most kids are involved in numerous after school activities. What about the kids who do not fit into traditional athletics? One gym is helping every child follow their dreams.

SPECIAL REPORT: Animal abuse out of control in East Texas

East Texas is filled with people that call themselves "pet owners", but in reality, they're beating and abusing their animals behind closed doors.

SPECIAL REPORT: Deep in the heart of Texas

Dr. Denton Cooley is one of the most respected heart surgeons in the world.

Heroes in Peril

When first responders show up in our lives, it's usually not in our best moments. Seeing such traumatic incidents whether it's involving a child or someone that looks familiar, can take a toll on our men and women in uniform.

Graystone Haunted Manor: One woman's monstrous dream

Forbes magazine released their 2014 list of best haunted houses in the country and Graystone Haunted Manor in Longview is on the list.

Delayed Freedom: KETK's exclusive interview with Michael Morton

On October 4th, 2011, Michael Morton walked out of a Texas state prison a free man, exonerated for the murder of his wife. Morton spent nearly 25 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit.
Social Decline

Social Decline

15 years ago computers were solely used for business and science. Only within the last eight years, have people used the technology for social media purposes.
Closing the Tab

Closing the Tab

Voters in May of 2012 put an end to prohibition in Tyler and other parts of Smith County and the sale of beer and wine in grocery stores and gas stations has impacted tax revenue in a major way but, it has also impacted the economy in surroundi

Women on the Force

They're tough, they're strong, they're armed, they're women..and Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price say they're a crucial part of his department.

Fostering change

Thousands of kids go through the foster care system every year and a lot of them are scarred with lifelong issues either from abuse, neglect or abandonment.