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Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 2:21pm
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Special Report: Sport shooting becoming increasingly popular

Firearms play a large part in our East Texas culture-- some for protection, others for hunting. Studies show that the popularity of "sport shooting" has gained a lot of traction in the past four years.
The fight against amnesty

The fight against amnesty

 Immigration is always a hot button in Washington. The continuing number of illegals entering our country has some of our local officials very concerned and they are speaking about it.

Special Report: Cowboy church -- a western culture

 Cowboy church is booming in East Texas. It's a non-denominational combination of fun and preaching. Where else can you find western entertainment and Jesus?

Special Report: The price of oil

 "Everyone's just kind of nervous right now, because no one knows what's going to happen," said Philip R. Nobles, Vice President of Petro-Land Group, Inc.

SPECIAL REPORT: Vanity sizing and the consumer effect

 Most shoppers have experienced it first-hand. Something fits at one store, and the same size at the next store is either too big or too small, sometimes creating a psychological impact on the consumer.

The path to education -- homeschool vs. public school

 Although private schools have been an alternative to public schools for years, home schooling has caught on in the last 20 years. Why are some East Texans going this route instead of the more traditional way?

Special Report: The Growth of East Texas

East Texas is like the pine tree's that sprawl across it's fertile land. It's always expanding, but never losing it's roots. What started as a slow, agrarian lifestyle, has gone full speed ahead into industry.

KETK EXCLUSIVE: Garrett Plumlee's ongoing battle

 Every great story begins with a conflict, an obstacle our hero must overcome.

SPECIAL REPORT: Small Survivors

 Let's admit it, pets are considered part of the family. We invest so much time and energy into their lives...whether it be their favorite treats or a cute new sweater.

SPECIAL REPORT: The cost of living, going broke to stay alive

Meriam Eakin has been battling Lymphocytosis for the last 40 years, and will continue fighting the disease the rest of her life.  A form of blood cancer, the treatment for this diagnosis, can cost $100,000 every year. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Stewart Middle School closes, community at odds with district

 "A great school makes a great community,"  said Carl Johnson, a former student and substitute teacher at Stewart Middle School. "Stewart is a great school that makes for a great community."

Special Report: Chains of Redemption

Richard Gipson says, "I don't care what they've done. There is a human need for compassion and we are to deliver that compassion because we are representatives of Jesus Christ." They know how they got there.

Special Report: Hunting to help

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together, be thankful, and enjoy a good meal. However, for some it's just not that simple, which is why many hunters are lending a helping hand, year round.

SPECIAL REPORT: 75 and still kicking; The legacy of the Kilgore College Rangerettes

75 years ago an East Texas drill team changed the atmosphere and culture of Kilgore College football games forever.

Special Report: Finding balance -- a fight for success

East Texans love their sports. Most kids are involved in numerous after school activities. What about the kids who do not fit into traditional athletics? One gym is helping every child follow their dreams.