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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Special Report: Teen pregnancy in Texas

POSTED: Monday, November 19, 2012 - 11:15pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 7, 2013 - 10:14am

More and more teens are becoming moms. It's the scariest thing a teen could be faced with.

We all want to know why it's becoming more common. How do they cope?

And why are teen pregnancy rates so high in Texas?

KETK spoke to women who were teen moms about teen pregnancy, and what was going through their minds.

KETK also spoke with the Pregnancy Resource Center in Tyler about how common teen pregnancy is. reports:

96% of teen mothers keep their babies.

In Texas, a baby is born to a teen mother every 10 minutes.

Texas is #3 in teen births.

Family and faith is an important factor in this life changing experience.

Doreen Hague, Director of Pregnancy Resource Center, in Tyler helps pregnant teens every day, as young as 12 years old.

"A history of Bible, Bible, we're in the Bible belt here in TX, there's still a conviction that abortion is wrong. The many girls that we see… after talking with them, even just for a short time they'll change their mind even if they were thinking about having an abortion, they know it's wrong in their hearts," Doreen Hague, Director, Pregnancy Resource Center.

Rachel sees many girls come in to the center, not knowing how everything works, when their period starts, when they can become pregnant.

"Being raised in the bible belt, very much of a Christian community, people say let's go to church, let's be raised in a church, people know that when they are pregnant that's it's a life and that life begins at conception,"  says Rachel Baber, Volunteer, Pregnancy Resource Center.

"It does break my heart, to see these girls that want to be loved and the cool thing is…at the PRC, is you know people are going to fail us in life, we're not going to feel appreciated and loved, feel respected but here at the PRC, we bring back that Jesus Christ is there, that he will always be there for you, he's never going to let you down," says Rachel Baber, Volunteer, Pregnancy Resource Center.

According to the Pregnancy Resource Center, about 30 pregnant teens a month come in to the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Some teens leave it up to their faith to guide them in the right path, and abortion not being an option.

Is it lack of sex education, curiosity, or the need of filling loneliness?

"I think a lot if the times…Parents are afraid to talk about sex to their children, but I think the big, the pressure comes from school mates, from friends, and they believe everybody is doing it, every body is having sex, so it's ok," says Doreen Hague, Director, Pregnancy Resource Center.

"They need to focus on their school, studies, get involved…keep busy, don't be side tracked by sex, don't be side tracked by the guy who is going to charm you in to his arms," says Doreen Hague, Director, Pregnancy Resource Center."

"They need to focus on their school, studies, get involved…keep busy, don't be side tracked by se, don't be side tracked by the guy who is going to charm you in to his arms."

In the end, our teens need love, family support, and education on taking care of themselves.

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Tired of it ...what phone?

All the republicans have done in this state is take out of schools all education about birth control and replaced it with "just say no"

My son's classmate over heard girls saying you can get state assistance - the more kids they have the more assistance - where else in the world would they get these ideas?

I think it has to do with the "it wont happen to me syndrome" Its not hard not to get preg. My husband and i dont want children, been married 7 years, sexually active.... no preg. No scares. I dont
understand getting "accidently preg" unprotected sex=baby - not new news

According to the Maternity Source Middle, about 30 expecting teenagers a month come in to the Maternity Source Middle.

(Some are Raped, some molested, understood,) but the generations have become more lazy & less moral. They learn they have a baby, they get food stamps, cash assistance, rent gets paid by housing, utility assistance pays the bills, free phone service, free childcare, transportation, medical & more and can they move their unknown sperm donor in & take care of him, while the elderly and disabled get if they are lucky $10.00 a month in food stamps & do without life saving medication. WOW!

Lets not forget the fact that our culture has changed not the human desire to produce another being. If the Lord God required a young 15 year old Mary to except the son of God, knowing her marry was not complete to Joseph who are we. What should have been going on is keeping it real with what is going on with our culture to keep a young couple together to raise a health child. We know prejeducies in our cultre prevents that, not even considering what the word of God really say about Love.

keepitreal - I would suggest you do two things before you express an opinion on a public site.
Learn good grammar/spelling and refrain from inventing facts that are "NOT" in God's Word.
Gods love is pure and absolute. It requires us to be pure and as moral minded as we can be.
Until they take all the benefits from girls who go around having intercourse with who knows who, this will continue. You talk about prejudice - yes indeed - some are prejudice. Why should we pay for anothers immorality?

Why should tax payers have to come-up with more money to cover rising taxes when religious organizations don't pay a cent in taxes. It is past time that they start paying their share.

Teen pregnancy is nothing new. What really upsets me is that people get upset that the girls are getting pregnant. Really? We support televisions shows that promote premarital sex. We have government programs that help take care of the children born. AND we have a complete lack of the reality of good sense and moral judgement. Who is teaching children from the crib of God's standards and the strength through Jesus Christ to make the right decision? Not the parents. So whose job is it? CHS

A person doesn't need to be taught anything about Jesus or other religious figure to be able to make "right" choices in life. I have known girls that were part of religious families and attended church services that became pregnant. Public education would be far more helpful than more religion being pushed on them. Oh but that's right, most christians are against that.

I know teens that get PG in HS to gain the benefits of PG.
There is zero moral sigma..their relatives welcome this with open arms. Many are Christian.
The HS class gives them showers, their class helps name the kid,
They get helped in many ways. Then when the child is born Welfare pays the hospital. Mom get welfare, food stamps, cell phone & baby does.
Mom is now good to go for the next bunch of yeaRS.on purpose.
What is wrong with this picture.
(Of course there is condoms..but no PG!)

I also didn't rely on the state. I worked the whole time I was pregnant and went back to work after I had her.

Seriously, how did you pay for the birth and prenatal care of that baby? Most people who are pregnant work.......but not to pay for the pregnancy and they can eat and pay bills. This is a HUGE expense. And what kind of health insurance did the baby have after you went back to work? Also what year was this? Currently it is very difficult to pay for this if you do not have health insurance that covers it.

Seriously, how did you pay for the birth and prenatal care of that baby? Most people who are pregnant work.......but not to pay for the pregnancy and they can eat and pay bills. This is a HUGE expense. And what kind of health insurance did the baby have after you went back to work? Also what year was this? Currently it is very difficult to pay for this if you do not have health insurance that covers it.

The one thing they don't realize is this is being going on for yeart it took this long for people to wake up and see it. Secondly I had my first at 17, she was handicapped but I would not even thing of not taking care of her. Secondly not all guys are out for a one time thing. They are a lot of responsiable young men out there, so they need to get facts straight first.

You just wrote an article about teen pregnancy that completely failed to mention birth control even one time. How can even you wonder what is causing the teen pregnancy "epidemic" with that attitude? Education is useless without safe shame free access to contraceptives.

Teen pregnancy is the result of sex. This "epidemic" is caused by kids having fun or trying to secure love and acceptance by having sex. They should be ashamed but they aren't because no one is telling them that sex outside of marraige is wrong. Contraceptives are useful but they also make kids think they can get away with immorality without dealing with the consequences of their actions. You have sex. It is the only natural way to have children. What do they think the result will be?

Coe I think that you have your head so far up your bible that you miss the point. Religion is not the answer. Teaching teenagers what you think is immoral is not the answer. You can not seriously think that there will ever be a time when all teens will stop having sex. To believe so is foolish. Knowing that we should make every effort to ensure that teens that are going to have sex have all the information and education that we can give them. This will help them to better protect themselves.

My husband and I would LOVE to adopt one of these babies!! Email us at, and we'll be happy to send you a copy of our adoption profile.

I guess the abstinence only policy isn't working out so well.

Birth control is good.

I was a teen mother and I did not expect help from anyone and my daughters dad and I worked our tails off (and still do) so that we could raise and support her. She is a healthy four-year-old and is a smart girl.It saddens me when the stereotype is used for all of us because I did not party or go out to begin with and I definitely did not sleep with a bunch of people. We were together for a while before I got pregnant and we were both educated about sex and the outcomes.

Well done teen Mom and Dad - you may be the exception to the rule. Actually, apart from the moral issue, I think single Moms that make it, are to be admired and applauded. I award you with the title of, "GOOD EGG". I find it interesting that the Mayor of Philadelphia has seen fit to distribute condoms to students. THE REASON? There is such a great incidence of STD's that it is out of control in that area.
Incidence of STD's - look it up.

I too hate that they put every teen mother in one category. There are those who have the party life and those who are teen mothers and work even harder to give their kids the best life. I was a teen mother, I had my first at 17 years old, and surly didn't expect any help from the government.Yes, I still got my high school diploma! At 20, I had my second child. Next week I get my associates degree and in Jan. I start my Bachelor program, and all while working a full time. Here I am at 22! :)

How did you pay for the birth of that baby when you were 17? Did your parent's health insurance cover the cost of the hospital and the prenatal care? I find that many parent's health insurance won't cover the pregnancy. And then the teens are almost forced to use government benefits, like medicaid to pay for the birth and the prenatal care. Just wondering. Now days, prenatal care itself is 3-4 thousand dollars, and the birth at a hospital is or can be over $20,000.

They know the babies will be well taken care off by the tax payers, so they'll get pregnant more often and expect free babysitting, while they go out and make more babies. Sad, but we end up paying for their fun with a boy they don't even know their name.

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