Tyler Junior College celebrates 50 national championships

This spring Tyler Junior College brought home their 50th national title when the baseball team won it all at the NJCAA D3 World Series.

Facing Autism

 Autism is an epidemic, 1 in 68 of kids are diagnosed with autism each year in the United States. There are resources in East Texas, but many families do not know where to go for help.

Interpreting Faith

Would you say the Bible is still holy, or just history book now? KETK's Stacey Spivey gives us an eye-opening insight on how Americans and East Texans see the Bible today.

Medal of Dishonor

Fred Stuckey from Longview saw many men he calls brothers killed and maimed when he served as an army ranger in Vietnam, sacrifices he does not take lightly.

Sisters of Healing

You see it on almost every other block 75 miles across East Texas, Trinity Mother Frances hospitals and clinics.

Untying the Knot

The definition of marriage has a different meaning to everyone today which could explain divorce rates in America. Why are so many marriages falling apart and how is the marriage oath valued today?

Shoot Like A Girl

They are the fastest growing gun customers in America, and the guns they are buying are pink. Whether the purchase is for personal protection or for sport, it is the ladies who are taking over the gun industry.

Career Crisis

Graduation day... finally after years of school, its time to start your life and career. Well, if you can find a job. 24-year old Lauren Gentry knows this story too well.

Returning to the Field

The cost of farming is up, and production is down. However, that is not the only struggle many East Texans are facing.
Smartphone Parenting

Smartphone Parenting

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, chances are the bulk of your time is spent on your smartphone, tablet or gadget.

#Trending the Game

On a Friday night in East Texas, if you buy a ticket at the front gate of any high school stadium or gym, you can get a first hand look at area sports talent, or, you can just go online.

Food stamps: People abusing taxpayer dollars

The number of Americans depending on food stamps to feed themselves and their families is at an all time high in the United States; around 47 million Americans use the federal program known as SNAP.

ROCKYTOP: Memories built from scratch

An East Texas man is creating beautiful pieces of furniture from scratch.

Weather Talk: NOAA Weather Radio

KETK Severe Weather Awareness Week wraps up with sharing with you the importance of a NOAA Weather Radio.

Weather Talk: #1 Weather-Related Killer

KETK Severe Weather Awareness Week continues with arguably the number one weather related killer in the United States: Flooding.