Weather Talk: Hail, Lightning, & Thunderstorms

Continuing with our Severe Weather Awareness Week, today we will discuss severe thunderstorms. The simple definition of a thunderstorm is that it contains lightning.

Weather Talk: Tornadoes

Today we are talking about tornadoes. A tornado is a rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the surface.

Weather Talk: Watches & Warnings

We begin KETK’s Severe Weather Awareness Week by talking about which National Weather Service forecast office covers your county.

"A" for Effort

Compared to the rest of the country, Texas has the highest percentage of adults who did not finish high school. Many say Texas' education system is flawed and one of the worst in the nation. But , is it?

Downsizing: Choice or necessity?

Beth Ann Norrgard spent the last 26 years working for a law firm, and living in a large home in Dallas. However, little did she know a different lifestyle awaited her. All through a tiny house built on wheels.

Special Report: East Texas Most Wanted

Many people come to East Texas to escape the big city and settle down somewhere safe.

Seeing the Music: East Texas songwriters

For every story put to music, there is a storyteller with a tale of their own.

Hometown Harmony: East Texas' Musical Roots

When you think about East Texas music, current names may come to mind such as Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Neal McCoy, and Lee Ann Womack.

Special Report: "Loaded Issue," mental health funding

Many people believe gun control will solve the string mass shootings and other crime, but it is gun control or the untreated? Here in Texas, the land of "God and Guns" is taking a step forward on this loaded issue.

Special Report:"Generation Me"

Those born between the years of 1980 and 2000 are known as the millennial generation, or the "me me me generation." This generation is thought of, research says, as self -absorbed, social media obsessed, impatient but ambitious.

Special Report: The high cost of learning

Some say a college degree is a necessity in this day-and-age to enter the competitive job market. However, the price you pay for that education could leave you in debt for decades.

2013: The stories that made our year

2013 was a year filled with controversy, scandal, and tragedy -  but there were some uplifting moments as well.
Web Extra: The Doctor who broke the news of JFK's death

Web Extra: The Doctor who broke the news of JFK's death

November 22, 1963. Dr. Percy Luecke was in the Dallas Trade Mart awaiting with others, the arrival of President Kennedy.

Texas Truck War

It happens every fall, and is the event that all of us in the Texas Auto Writers association look forward to all year long.

JFK CONSPIRACIES: What do you believe?

On November 22, 1963, America lost both a President and its innocence. It also marked the beginning of a virtual cottage industry in conspiracy theories.