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NOVEMBER 22, 1963: Officer J.D. Tippit remembered

"It appears something has happened in the motorcade route. Something, I repeat, has happened in the motorcade route." Words like terror, shock, and disbelief were the adjectives of the hour 50 years ago.

JFK: A sunny day in November, 50 years ago, when everything seemed possible

There were multiple reasons for President Kennedy's November trip to Texas. In fact, Dallas was the next to last stop on a whirlwind two-day swing through the Lone Star State.

Hunting without limits

Hunting is a favorite sport for many East Texans. Even for the physically challenged. We met a few hunters who had the courage to pick up a gun, even after they felt they could never hunt again.

EAST TEXAS RODEO QUEENS: It's not just for boys anymore

East Texas is home to some of the biggest and best rodeo teams in the world. But, the rodeo sport of "team roping," isn't just for cowboys.

Special Report: The man who built Ben Wheeler

EDITORS NOTE: The extended web video version is only available to desktop users. You can spot him from a mile away.

Special Report: More Than A Game

Sam Townsend's mother lost her battle with cancer, just before the start of his senior season. The T.K. Gorman defensive end, has an incredible story of how faith, football and community all helped him through a tough time.

Special Report: Lethal Air

Guns are still pricey and ammunition is still scarce and expensive. So, how do you get the proper amount of practice without taking out a loan?

The American Dream has become the American Debt

Many Americans today feel the American Dream is fading away because of their personal debt. Americans dream of having a nice home, car and family, but for some it’s impossible.

Cute Story Alert: Pet Industry continues to grow

The American Pet Products Association is reporting, last year, people spent more than $53 Billion on their furry friends. And every year, the number keeps growing and growing.

Dogs of War Part 2: Bringing them home

Military dogs have been used for years, protecting and saving thousands of lives of our men and women serving overseas. But what happens when they're done with their job?

Dogs of War: East Texan trains America's elite K-9s

KETK traveled to rural Delta County, about a 90 minute drive north of Tyler to meet Mike Ritland: a retired Navy SEAL with a love of country and a passion for a very unique animal.

Extended warranties...yes or no?

Whatever you buy these days, there are always extras being offered. In a lot of cases, one of them is a so-called extended warranty. But should you take the bait.

"Untreated", future of mental health

Special Report on KETK: "Untreated" Mental illness and disorders are a part of life which gets lack of attention.

The Rise & Fall of the House of Israel

It was Easter Sunday 1977, in Winnipeg, Alberta, Canada. When--- then 28-year-old Robert Nicholas Fotti was involved in an accident that left a father and his son--- dead. Fotti was convicted of dangerous driving.

Chaplains support East Texas businesses; Atheists say keep prayer out of workplace

For the past 27 years, Marketplace Ministries has provided nearly 600 companies across the world--- extra support. The support comes in the form of a Chaplain.