Bennett apologizes for nude pictures, explains injury

Bennett apologizes for nude pictures, explains injury
Dallas Cowboys

POSTED: Monday, July 26, 2010 - 4:56pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 1, 2010 - 1:20pm

Martellus, Tell Us

San Antonio --- Training camp often know to show distractions for an NFL team before the season

Martellus Bennett not even on the field for the first couple of days but still making headlines with what they're calling a non-football related injury.

Here's how he explains what happened, "just running at the ranch. Jump up, jumping to catch a jump ball and I rolled my ankle. It's a rolled ankle sprain."

"Who were you running around with?" a reporter asked. "Some friends. Some friends on the team," Bennett said. 

A  lot expected from Bennett around this time last year, he was getting more attention for his antics off the field though including marty b tv, a rap video and now even nude pictures of him are surfacing.

On the field, the 23-year-old didn't get a single touchdown; a lot different from his rookie year when he had four.

Bennett says he's cutting down on the funny stuff now,  just sticking to football.

"No videos. No u-stream no nothing this year. Just football," he says. He also addressed criticism over the antics, "I really don't care personally, they can say what they want to say. It doesn't really bother me what anyone says about me. It never has. I continue to do what I do, have fun."

The Cowboys addressed the nude pictures of Martellus Bennett with this statement:


"These pictures were taken four years ago and placed on the internet recently without my knowledge or consent. I understand that they are totally inappropriate and for that I am sorry. I regret the embarrassment that it has caused the organization.

We discussed this matter today with Martellus and will address it further on an internal basis.


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