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Deion Sanders on ex-wife's arrest: "she tried to bite me"

Deion Sanders on ex-wife's arrest:

POSTED: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 3:10pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 3:11pm

An altercation at the Texas home of former NFL player Deion Sanders lands his estranged wife in jail.

Following an arrest on Monday night on misdemeanor Domestic Violence charges, Pilar Sanders, 38, was released this afternoon from the Collin County Jail.

The former Cowboys star and hall of famer accused his wife of breaking into his bedroom and attacking him in front of their children.

Pilar Sanders said in a statement that she feels she will have a difficult time fighting her husband due to his celebrity status:

“I am innocent… I understand that I have very little chance at beating a hall of fame, two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. I'm a full time mom, 100 percent for my children and I just haven't been given a fair shake…I would never give up fighting for my children and their protection."

Pilar Sanders’ attorney, Pete Schulte, also spoke on the matter. “My understanding is that my client was trying to seek a protective order from the prosper police, and the impression I got was that the prosper police was trying to discourage her, when she went home, this incident occurred,” stated Schulte. “First of all, there was no confrontation. I sincerely believe the story that was put out by Mr. Sanders is not the truth. We have witnesses and other evidence that contradicts what he said and that truth will come out in court."

Deion Sanders gave his side of the ordeal, “It's hard, she tried to bite me when I was carrying on in my room. I was pleading to her to get out of the room, please leave me alone and she just jumped me."

Deion Sanders filed for divorce in December. The suit is scheduled for trial in September.

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