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Yao Ming and 6' 2" wife expecting first baby

Yao Ming and 6' 2

POSTED: Tuesday, January 5, 2010 - 3:43pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:10am

UNDATED - Break out the cigars and/or Serbian professional basketball players! Rockets star Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li are expecting their first child in July, a Chinese newspaper reported Tuesday.

The news was accidentally revealed by Ye's close friend Miao Lijie, who is her former teammate on China's women's basketball team, when attending a show at Shanghai World Expo on Monday. When asked why Ye did not come to the show with her, Miao said a "pregnant woman deserves less public activities."

Yao, 29, marked his marriage to longtime girlfriend Ye, 28, with a lavish August 2007 ceremony.

The couple hasn't decided yet where the baby will be born, but whether boy or girl, "lil' Yao" is sure to be one thing: creepy tall. Yao stands at 7-foot-6-inches, while Ye towers over most women at 6-foot-2.

In a recent Sina.com online poll, 76 percent of more than 29,000 people voting said that Yao's child was likely to grow taller than 6-foot-8, while 33 percent said the baby would grow taller than 7-foot-2. However, according to the calculations of medical experts, cited by China Daily, if the child is male, he probably will reach a height of between 6-foot-6 to 7-foot-3. Translation: the kid is going to be huge.

Not that it matters. The lil' tyke is probably already the leading vote-getter in the Western Conference, after the fourth returns of the NBA All-Star balloting are released. China, man. China. So powerful.

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Congratulations! They should have more kids ... maybe 12 boys or girls. Then they can have a basketball team with all 7 footers.

Congratulations to the beautiful mother and handsome father!
May your child be blessed with good health and happy loving parents.
That is what is most important.
God Bless.

I'm very happy for them, they are a tall beautiful couple. I wish them well.

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