Station Logos

The logos below are available for your use where appropriate. The original proportions, type and colors of the logo must be maintained. The image may be resized, but do not stretch or condense the logo. Please make the logo large enough and provide adequate space around it to ensure readability.

All logos are at highest resolution per format - fully resizable in any paint program that supports the chosen format. To download a logo: Move your cursor over the thumbnail image of the logo you want to download and "right click". Choose "save target as" from the menu that will appear. Do NOT choose "save image" as this will save only the smaller thumbnail image. Then choose the location on your hard drive that you would like to save the logo to. Click on "save" and the download will begin. When the download is complete locate the file and open in your paint program. Mac users: Simply click and hold the mouse button and drag to the desktop or folder of choice. Warning: Left clicking/opening these files is not recommended. Your computer may have difficulty opening large files in the browser and crash.

If the logos above do not fit your needs contact us, we may be able to create a custom logo for you.