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Sunday, December 21, 2014 - 9:41pm

Toys for Tots

Attention East Texas! 95.3/102.3 The Breeze and KETK NBC and FOX51 are determined to bring a Merry Christmas to as many children as we can through Tots for Tots.

Please see drop off locations for Toys for Tots:




As Seen on his Twitter, Facebook & MySpace Account: JJORadioShow.
For more information about this Huge Undertaking, please contact Jimmy Olson by calling 903-258-9378 or e-mail Jimmy at

Day 8 Monday December 17, 2012 9AM was the moment of TRUTH, as the bikes were counted JJO had 147… 45 over his goal… After weighing ALL the Toys for Tots, the total weight was 7,056.5 pounds… a NEW RECORD!  then I get a call from John Soules Food who said they are buying $2,000 worth of bikes! So I will have Final Bike Count ASAP 
Jammin’ Jimmy Olson & The Breeze is helped give back again this Holiday Season to the families of East Texas by raising MORE THAN 3.5 TONS OF TOYS. JJO of the Breeze Morning Show was in a box in the parking lot of Broadway Square Mall in Tyler where he lived, ate & slept until he raised a Ton of Toys. He was un-shaven, un-bathed and lived in a Box for 8 days. Jimmy raised over a TON OF TOYS for Needy East Texas Kids. He didn’t leave his pod until listeners stopped by the Broadway Square Mall to drop off toys for a boy or a girl to donate to the Marine’s Toys for Tots Drive. Last year he raised over 5,802 lbs of Toys and this year set a NEW RECORD. This year we added Cherokee and Anderson Counties, which added to the Need! Jammin’ Jimmy Olson affectionately known as The Boy in the Box was again The Boy in the Box!


Please join JJO and the Marines as they distribute the Toys collected to the Families in need this Wednesday December 19, 2012 at 10AM at The Old Texas Guard Armory on Commerce St. just inside the Loop. For more information contact Larry Atkins at 903-894-6764.