TransCanada continuing with part of plan

POSTED: Monday, February 27, 2012 - 10:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 10:31am

TransCanada is now building an oil pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico that should be completed next year.

The company tells KETK that it will employ 4,000 people during its construction, investing $2.3 Billion into the American economy.

Even though President Obama passed on the full Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, this project, which didn't require his approval -- has the full support of the Whitehouse.

"This one is important because of the reasons I just mentioned.  The bottleneck that exists, the glut of oil that exists, and we need to get that oil to the state-of-the-art refineries in the Gulf and get it to market," said Jay Carney, Whitehouse Press Secretary.

A representative for TransCanada tells KETK that not much federal permitting is needed.

"It does require state and local permits.  And you know, some federal agencies are involved...particularly as it relates to water crossings," said Shawn Howard with TransCanada.

Back in 2010, KETK brought you the story of David Daniel, a landowner in Winnsboro.

On Monday, Daniel spoke with us by phone.  He says the new pipeline project will still run directly through his property -- essentially allowing TransCanada to do the same thing they set out to do.

Daniel tells KETK, if the pipeline was proven to be safe, it would be different.

He has personally asked TransCanada in the past if he will receive information on how to keep his family safe from incidents like leaks on his property.

"And in writing, they said 'You will not receive this will not receive a warning essentially we're just lab rats on our own property for a whole new project that's unregulated," Daniel said.

TransCanada tells KETK that the Gulf Coast project is now separate from the original Keystone XL plan.  But they plan to re-file for a Presidential permit for the full Keystone pipeline at a later date.


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Our local gasoline prices have remained below national average because of the bottleneck in Oklahoma. Refined product (gasoline) is plentiful in nearby Oklahoma, but once the pipeline is completed to Texas refineries then, the fuel will be shipped-out by tanker. The US exports gasoline being plentiful here but will bring much higher price in foreign markets. National media would fool you to believe that gasoline is expensive because of Iran and oil price, truth is weak dollar.

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