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Weather Talk: A wild November

Weather Talk: A wild November
Weather Talk

POSTED: Monday, December 2, 2013 - 7:12pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 2, 2013 - 7:50pm

The month of November for East Texas was a lot colder and much wetter compared to last year.

For Tyler, November 2012 had near record high temperatures and the lowest temperature recorded for a daytime high was only 57° (November 13, 2012). As of a matter of fact, the average high last November was about 72° which is 6° above the climate data average for Tyler. Furthermore, last year, the three reporting stations in East Texas (Tyler, Longview, & Lufkin) all recorded total precipitation of less than one inch during the month of November. Can we say drought???

What a difference a year makes…

This November, East Texas did see high temperature records broken on one day (Sunday, November 17) and we had not one, but two arctic blasts of cold air. The first one arrived about the middle of the month and the second one right before Thanksgiving. The arctic blast right before Thanksgiving almost turned into a winter weather situation. Thankfully, the air was too warm for any frozen precipitation to occur, although the Tyler airport officially had a trace of snow.

Overall, the normal November high temperature should be about 66° and the low at 41°. This month, Tyler was cooler than that. Our average high this past month was 63° and the low temperature was 43°. While the low temperature was warmer, our average high was cooler than the climatology.

The other big story was the amount of rain we received. Tyler Pounds Airport received nearly 5 inches of rain and the East Texas Regional Airport in Longview had just over 4 inches. All of these totals for the month of November were just above normal averages. The rain helped lake levels reach near or right at capacity.

Due to the sporadic changes in temperatures during the month, our monthly average high was lower than the climatology (normal) data.

December Preview

Looking ahead to December, our average high in Tyler is about 58° and the low is 39°, but the Climate Prediction Center currently has us in a 60%-70% chance of much of East Texas seeing below normal temperatures from December 7-11.

Also note, the Climate Prediction Center issued its winter outlook on November 21, 2013 and it mentioned that this winter overall would be warmer than normal. Right now, it looks to be that this is not holding true, especially with colder than normal temperatures that will move in by this weekend and a very strong upper level arctic jet stream.

It is very early to predict how December will pan out. However, if we continue to get shots of colder air to move in to East Texas, the chance of us being cooler than normal will increase.

Sometimes, the coldest air of the winter season happens in December. There have been significant cold days across East Texas. The coldest temperature on record was 0° back on December 23, 1989 for Tyler and 2° for Longview back on December 23, 1929. Without a doubt those days must have been very cold, it goes to define how East Texas weather has its extremes—from the hottest of summer days to the brutal and bitter colds of winter.

Chief Meteorologist Scott Chesner & Meteorologist Katie Vossler contributed to this story.

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