Weather Talk: Friday Update, the Next 48 Hours

Weather Talk: Friday Update, the Next 48 Hours
Weather Talk

POSTED: Friday, December 6, 2013 - 6:11pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 7, 2013 - 2:53pm

Here is your Friday evening update for the next 48 hours.

Friday Night – Saturday Morning

Once again, there is no change for Friday night. All precipitation is out of the area and temperatures will drop below freezing. A small concern is for patchy black ice to form on some roadways and side streets. So keep that in mind overnight Friday night into Saturday morning. Expect cloudy skies, and that will help keep temperatures from falling more than they could. The forecast models are showing temperatures to be in the upper 20s for many areas and the low 30s for Deep East Texas. But we are forecasting temperatures in the low to upper 20s because of the drying air taking place overnight. Our neighbors in Oklahoma and to the west will likely see the teens and near single digit lows early Saturday morning.

Saturday Afternoon – Saturday Night

In my last post, we talked about the differences in the Global Forecast Model and the North American Model. Today, the models seem to have a more general agreement on temperatures and the precipitation. Let’s first talk temperatures.

Temperatures will be just at or below freezing during the day on Saturday for much of East Texas. We are expecting cloudy skies and this will keep temperatures near freezing. Below are the model forecasted temperatures for 12Noon Saturday.

What about precipitation? Well, moisture looks very limited going through the afternoon. With that, it looks to be a cloudy and very cold day once again on Saturday.

But don’t think we are out of the woods just yet…

Overnight Saturday – Sunday Morning

The KETK Weather Team is thinking that if there is any possibility of wintry precipitation, it will not arrive until the late evening and after 7PM.

So here are a few questions we are asking ourselves.

1. Do we have freezing temperatures at the surface and at 5,000 feet in the air? 

--Yes. Temperatures will be below freezing as the sun sets Saturday night and will stay that way through Sunday late morning.

2. Is their available moisture at 5,000 feet to the surface to provide a lifting mechanism for wintry weather to develop?

--As of right now, no. The precipitation that we received Thursday night and Friday took a lot of the moisture out of the atmosphere and devoted it to that system. Right now, moisture looks very limited—therefore providing very spotty precipitation by 12AM Sunday.

Sunday Late Morning – Sunday Evening

By Sunday morning, if we do not see any precipitation, temperatures will moderate to just above freezing by the afternoon and evening. Any precipitation remaining during this time will be all rain. By Sunday evening, all of this rain will be out of our area and we will then have to start our work week with bitter cold temperatures. Temperatures will be 15° to 20° below normal.

We are always checking the newest model runs and we want you to have the most accurate weather information. We will continue to keep you updated of the latest weather developments on-air, online, on your mobile device, and through social media. KETK is your source for weather information.

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